Senior Day to Day Plan



COVER: Unlimited Doctor Visits | Acute/Chronic Medication | Dentistry/Optometry / Funeral Cover


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Terms & Conditions

Pre-paid Preventative Healthcare supplied by Day1 Health (Pty) Ltd | Waiting periods per benefit | Minimum age limit entry on standard terms and conditions is 65.



Unlimited Managed Doctor Visits

Via a registered 1Doctor Health Network Provider. A co-payment of
R75.00 will apply for all additional visits after the 5th visit. A 1 month waiting period applies.


Basic diagnostic blood tests on referral by a 1Doctor Health Network GP and subject to a list of basic pathology tests approved by Day1 Health. A 1 month waiting period applies.

Acute Medication

Acute medication covered according to the 1Doctor Health formulary. A 1 month waiting period applies.


Basic Dentistry

Basic treatment includes preventative cleaning, fillings, extractions and emergency pain and sepsis control via a 1Doctor Health Network Dentist. 2 visits per annum per member. A 3 month waiting period applies.

Chronic Medication

Chronic medication covered according to the 1Doctor Health formulary. A 3 month waiting period applies on chronic medication for unknown conditions and 12 months waiting period on pre-existing conditions. (All chronic medication is subject to pre-authorisation. An additional administration fee may be levied on all approved chronic medication.)

Optometry (Iso Leso Optics)

One eye test and one set of glasses every 24 months per the specific Iso Leso Optics agreed protocol range. A 12 month waiting period applies.


Basic radiology according to the 1Doctor Health formulary via a 1Doctor Health network GP. Black and white diagnostic x-rays only. A 1 month waiting period applies.


Out-of-Area Visits

In the event that you cannot see your Network GP, the Plan will allow 3 “out of area” visits per family per annum to an alternative Network GP or GP of your choice, subject to pre-authorisation. A 1 month waiting period applies.


Principal Member and Spouse – R 5,000.

A 3-month waiting period applies.  (Benefit only available to plan members.)



Practical Medical Insurance – Providing cover since 2003 Day1 Health (Pty) Ltd is an authorised Financial Services Provider – FSP Number 11319. Day1 Health (Pty) Ltd is duly approved and accredited by the Council for Medical Schemes – CMS Ref: 1074. Powered by Day1 Health – Underwritten by African Unity Life Ltd, a licensed Life Insurer and an authorised Financial Services Provider. FSP No: FSP 8447. Day1 Health offers Medical Insurance plans and is not a Medical Aid product.

Day1 Health complies with the principles of open enrollment, community rating and cross-subsidisation and does not discriminate or refuse membership on the basis of race, age, gender, marital status, ethnic or social origin, sexual orientation, pregnancy, disability, state of health, geographical location or any other means of discrimination.