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Day1 Health is a Stated Benefit Insurance Plan and not a Medical Scheme

Day1 Health is continuously refining the parameters of its offerings to ensure that effective Health Risk solutions and healthcare reach those who need them the most, within the current market and economic climate. We will continue to challenge the status quo of health products and services with a single minded view that no individual should ever be denied the right to healthcare services irrespective of their social standing or ability to fund such care. At Day1 Health, we know that we are developing flexible and cost-effective solutions to support the individual requiring medical assistance, while keeping abreast of ever-rising medical costs, to move towards our vision of creating a world of long-term sustainable healthcare for everyone.   

Offering the following benefits: (Executive Plan - Age limit 35)




Via 1Doctor Health Provider Network

General Waiting Period: 1 month from inception of Contract

Underwritten by Sanlam Developing Markets Ltd 

General Waiting Period: 3 months from inception of Policy

Doctor Visits

Unlimited managed doctor visits via a registered 1Doctor Health Network Provider. Pre-authorisation required after 5th annual visit.




Accident Benefit

Up to R250 000 per single member and up to R500 000 per family per incident. Immediate cover.

Specialist Benefit

Specialist Benefit of up to R1000 per family per annum. Pre-authorisation and a referral by a 1Doctor Network GP is required.



Accident / Illness Death Benefit

R20 000 for the Principal Member.


Acute & Chronic Medication

Both acute and chronic medication are covered according to the 1Doctor Health formulary. A 6 month waiting period applies on chronic medication and 12 months on pre-existing. 



Accidental Permanent Disability Benefit

R250 000 for the Principal Member only. Single event only. Immediate cover.

Basic Dentistry

Basic treatment includes preventative cleaning, pain control, fillings, emergency root canal and extractions via 1Doctor Health Network Dentist.


Accidental Exposure to HIV / AIDS

Two incidents per family per annum.

Optometry (Spec-Savers)

One eye test every 12 months and one set of glasses every 2 years with grey colour value code via Spec-Savers stores.


In-hospital Illness Benefit

Up to R10,000 for the 1st day, up to R10,000 for the 2nd day & up to R10,000 for the 3rd day - thereafter R2000 per day up to a maximum of 21 days.


Basic radiology via 1Doctor Network Provider. Black and white diagnostic x-rays only.


Illness Top-up Benefit

An additional illness protection benefit payable up to R25 000 for a single member and up to R50 000 for a family.



Diagnostic blood tests on referral by a 1Doctor Network GP and subject to a list of basic pathology tests approved by Day1 Health.


Dread Disease Benefit

Upon diagnosis with an annual limit of up to R500 000 payable for: Heart Attack, Coronary Heart Disease, Stroke, Brain Tumor, Cancer, Kidney Failure, Major Organ Transplant, Paraplegia and Blindness.


Out-of-Area Visits

In the event that you cannot see your Network GP, the Plan will allow 3 out of area visits per family per annum to an alternative Network GP or a GP of your choice.


death copy

Family Funeral Benefit (Platinum Plan Only)

Principal, Spouse & Child > 14 yrs R10 000, Child > 6yrs R5 000, Child > 0 years R2 500, Child > 28 weeks R1 250. A 3 month waiting period applies.


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